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GTE has a long and successful history of supplying integrated modular process skid solutions to OEMs in the power generation and oil & gas industries. GTE and its partners have shipped thousands of systems around the world and is an approved supplier to most OEMs and others in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.


An auxiliary system is often referred to as integrated modular skid. It is a self-contained system designed and engineered to meet functional requirements in a cost-effective manner by incorporating the required mechanical equipment, valves, controls, piping, wiring and other components onto a single structural base. This design significantly decreases field assembly since only minimal piping and electrical connections are required once the skid is at the work site.




Examples of auxiliary systems:

Examples of auxiliary systems:
  • Lube Oil
  • Fuel Filtration
  • Water Injection
  • Gas Conditioning 
  • Fogging
  • Fuel Forwarding, Metering and Mixing
  • Prefabricated Piping and Tubing 
  • Utility Auxiliary
  • Steam Injection
  • Fluid Pumping
  • Gas Purge
  • Power Augmentation
  • Water Wash


GTE maintains a staff of over 30 engineers and designers with backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering, fluid systems and instrumentation and controls. Employing the latest 3D modeling and analysis software allows easy solution of interference issues, parametric control of design changes and optimization of the fabrication process. Working with conceptual ideas, we provide you with a complete design to meet operating requirements and work with your existing design to provide lower cost alternatives. We review all aspects of the design to ensure that nothing is over-specified, thereby eliminating unnecessary cost.


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