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By minimizing daily degradation due to compressor fouling by running a daily online compressor wash, performace increases and reduced heart rate can be achieved. With an automated increase in the gas turbine efficiency, the exhausts will be cleaner lowering emission impact. Payback is typically just a question of months. Installation and operation is very simple.


The GTE patented highly atomized online/offline wash is individually developed for each type of turbine following a design procedure that is well established and proven. It includes 3D modeling of inlet and nozzle positioning, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to study droplet trajectory, and confirm and evaluate nozzle positions. GTE equipment can be made ATEX EEXD Zone-1 classed for refinery and other hazardous area applications. An integrated control panel enables easy user operation.


Our standard compressor wash systems are available for lease or purchase. Applications for peakers and base load operations for turbines ranging from 10mw-250mw.


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