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Fuel consumption in a gas turbine plant can range up to 75% of an operating plant's budget. The cost and quality of fuel gas is constantly changing and must be monitored, managed and accounted for. Variations in fuel quality and composition have serious impacts on combustor emissions, dynamics and operation.


GTE provides high-performance flow metering, conditioning and analysis systems that exceed applicable codes and industry standards. GTE provides fully integrated skid-based systems that include appropriate components to measure fuel mass flow, quality constituencies, composition and BTU or caloric content.


GTE designs and builds complete gas conditioning systems that prepare the fuel for a cleaner burn, which extends the life of turbine hardware and reduces emissions.


GTE designs and fabricates systems for fuel conversions and allows the operator to run on dual, blended or alternative fuels. This offers financial flexibility in a volatile fuel market as well as potential emission reductions.


GTE’s fuel management solutions include the following:


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