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The patented GTE power augmentation system offers gas turbine operators the following improvements:

  • Low investment costs
  • Increased output
  • Optimized performance
  • Simple operation
  • Less maintenance items


The GTE power augmentation system is based on our expertise in the area of high pressure water atomization and gas turbine efficiency. This is similar to the technology implimented within our compressor wash systems. GTE designs the power augmentation systems to local conditions, optimizing the augmentation to the weather conditions. The 3D modeling and CFD analyses are inherited from the compressor wash technology, combined with weather station and control systems, ensuring optimized performance.


GTE Power Augmentation


Technologies include:

  • Wet Compression
  • Inlet fogging - Using evaporative cooling to increase


Our proven technologies result in the following benefits:

  • Power output increase
  • Reduction in NOx emissions
  • Increased cost savings through reduced fuel consumption


Contact our engineering team today and see what our power augmentation system can do for you.